Here is a list of my current copyrighted scripts.  I cannot say that they are "complete" hence, no script is complete until post production.  I can say that they are "spec" and subject to minor changes here and there.  These scripts have been entered into competitions and query's at one time or another.




“Bad Karma” (43 p)

A group of reincarnated teenagers are murdered one by one by hell sent creatures that live under their beds in an effort to use their souls to create the Antichrist.

"Bitten"  (11 p)

An battered wife allows a vampire into her home, who transforms her life.


"A Week With My Teen Idol"  (107 p) 

After meeting her teen idol at a horror convention, a woman is determined to become a part of his life.


"Feedback"     (3 p)

A former clown turned zombie sneaks into a woman's home and forces her to record a grueling performance.

"Lucent"  (107 p)

A recovering alcoholic attempting to piece her life back together discovers that she has moved into a haunted house.


“Marry Me, Please”  (109 p)

A woman obsessed with getting married realizes that there is more to love and life than wearing a ring on her finger.

"The Coat Syndrome"  (22 p)

A woman attempts to gain the acceptance of her peers after she purchases an over sized winter coat.


“The Harder We Fall”  (92 p)

A Soldier returns from war in Afghanistan, only to carry with him the grief of his best friend's preventable crime and death.


"The Invitation"  (19 p)

A woman attending a fetish club with her husband is tricked into joining a deadly feast at a black tie affair.


"The Listing Agent"  (11 p)

A dead man goes through the stages of grief as he attempts to make amends with the horrific events of his past.


“The Stenographer”  (91 p)

An endangered lawyer reveals his secret life of drugs and lust to his stenographer, who then becomes a murderous psychopath intent on doing anything to protect him.